You're giving me 10 tickets for more summons? anyone with int kid goku friend send friend code Decided to do the full price multi; Int ssb vegeta dupe Vb dupe Fused zamasu Nice, oh what's this game? Duplicate TEQ Cell (For Hidden Potential) Swagatron5000: Duplicate SSJ3 Goku x3 (For Hidden Potential) Vegito (STR) Neo God Cards: TheLizard25 = SSJ4 Vegeta (DOKKANED) SSJ4 Goku (DOKKANED) Omega Shenron (PHY) (DOKKANED) Super 17 (DOKKANED) SSJ4 Gogeta (DOKKANED) Gogeta (INT) (DOKKANED) Janemba (STR) (DOKKANED) Angel SSJ3 Goku … A fight between Goku and Gohan already happened in Dragon Ball Super before the start of the Tournament of Power. Oggi siamo SU #DragonBallZ #DokkanBattle e andiamo a provare assieme con questo SHOWCASE il nuovo Kid Goku GT Genkidama 100% Rainbow Star SHOWCASE! F2P SSJ3 Goku 100% Hidden Potential Dokkan Attack with Passive Activated linked with VB (Friend leader) and SSJ3 STR Vegeta in Rotation vs INT Kid Buu (No Defense Lowered from previous rotations, no ATK items, and missing Blazing Battle Link, used Spirit Sword Trunks as Leader) Total Stat Buffs +3240 +3000 +2760. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle: EXTREME STR TRANSFORMATION BOOST & CONQUEST OF TERROR ONLY VS LEGENDARY GOKU EVENT IN 8 MIN & 8 TURNS [Legendary Goku Event] [Fighting Legend: Goku] [熱闘悟空伝] Hidden potential of units (All level 10 links) STR Cooler 79% LR Frieza 1st form [EZA] 100% LR Turles Army 55% LR Full Power Frieza 69% STR Sealas 100% STR … Goten is a hero in DBZ Tribute representing the Z-Fighters. Overview. It is believed that he could be even more powerful than his father. Inspirational Son Goku . x4310 x2470 x223 About the Author(s) Latest Content. I'm going to assume you mean current Goku and current Gohan, but just in case I'll give a few different answers. Total Cost. Gordo solos, Mar 3, 2020 #10. Kid Goku and Master Roshi Dragon Ball T-shirt. :D. I know you guys will be saying that Goku already had his hidden potential unlocked by the Ultra Divine Water, as someone has already stated. Awoken. This is a free tool that helps you find the best linking partner for … Orb … Dragon Ball Z Son Goku Ape Original Action Figure Anime Girl’s And Boy’s Model Kid’s Figurine Toy It Should Be Noted That The Great Ape Was Used To Represent Goku's Hidden Potential That Was Unlocked When He Drank The Ultra Divine Water, Implying That By Drinking It Granted Goku To Access The Power Of His Great Ape Form While In His Base Form . OTTIMO PG F2P DA NON PERDERE! Power, something that in one way or another, whether it’s in our career, physical bodies, or to help others, that we all want. Type ATK Boost; Slightly raises ATK when AGL attacks STR, STR attacks PHY, PHY attacks INT, INT attacks TEQ, or TEQ attacks AGL. LR Super Saiyan Goku - SA20 - 100% Hidden Potential In the two rounds I also got AGL Cooler 1st Dupe, 1st copy of Int Kid Goku, 1st copy of FP Goku, 5th copy of FP Frieza, 5th copy of Int Gogeta ... and a new PHY Broly. Kid-Goku We are starting our list with the Goku that started it all, Kid-Goku. When I first heard this quote, I didn’t understand it. 14. 2517. 16. NEW KID GOKU SUPER2 DIFFICULTY BOSS … Could have been much better. NEW KID GOKU SUPER2 DIFFICULTY BOSS STAGE! Goku (Youth) 2191. Teq beerus … - All Current Category Leaders (Except INT Kid Goku) - All 120% Leaders ( Most if not all Rainbowed) - Only Dragon Fest Characters that are missing are Kid Goku (INT) - Missing a chunk of the DB Heros Banner but have SS3 Gohan, Sealas and Xeno Goku - 99+ Friend Summons - 2,748,034 Baba Points - 800 stones (I am not investing any more money) During the King Piccolo Saga, Goku has his potential unlocked fully by drinking the Ultra Divine Water, causing the image of a Great Ape to surround him on multiple occasions: signifying Goku's hidden power having been released.. Much later, during the Namek Saga, Krillin and later Gohan both have their potential unlocked by Grand Elder Guru, greatly increasing their power. LRs. Goku (GT) 2683. IIRC didn't Uub have the potential to be as strong as Kid Buu, or a little bit stronger? Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle:100% POTENTIAL SYSTEM NEW INT ANNIN SHOWCASE WITH LEVEL 10 LINK SKILLS[Super INT] [Annin] [Guardian of the Furnace][アンニン] [八卦炉の管理人]Leader Skill: INT Type Ki +3 and HP, ATK & DEF +50%Super Attack: Raises DEF for 1 turn, causes supreme damage to enemy and lowers ATKPassive skill: ATK & DEF +120%; Ki +2 plus an additional … Goku also drinks some Choshinsui water to unlock his hidden potential. Goku (also known as GT Goku or Goku: GT) is the parallel timeline counterpart of Goku. Good Buu (魔 ま 人 じん ブウ( 善 ぜん ), Majin BÅ« (Zen), lit. The effect increases along with the skill level. KID GOKU DOKKAN FESTIVAL BANNER SUMMONS! And if the player is left with less than a full team of three during the fight, his Super Kamehameha grants him a Super Saiyan 3 transformation during the powerful move. Selecting Goten also includes Kid Trunks as a hero. 1/120: Super STR Type Ki +2 and HP, ATK & DEF +90%: Dragon Fist - Causes immense damage to enemy and greatly lowers DEF Details: Quick Thinking in a Pinch - ATK +120% and DEF +30% when performing a Super Attack; Ki +3 when facing only 1 enemy : All in the Family - DEF +15% The Saiyan Lineage - Ki +1 Saiyan Warrior Race - ATK +5% Experienced … Footnote: Goku get's his hidden potential unlocked by Guru! At a very young age, Gohan displays hidden power, unlike anything anyone has seen before. Kid Goku is said to come packed with some pretty enticing special skills, though, such as his Super Kamehameha and Super Spirit Bomb. Don’t forget to watch: 2450 STONES SUMMON! 1. Oct 25, 2017 238 Ames, IA. 100% POTENTIAL SYSTEM NEW INT KID GOKU SHOWCASE! Goku is a sayain with insane hidden potential that allows him to rapidly grow in strength with battle. Illegal would be having separate DokkanFest Goku and Vegeta cards that combine into new DF Gogeta if you get manage to get both. (yes, actual magic water this time.) "Demon Person Boo (Good)"), also known mainly as Majin Buu, is the result of the Innocent Buu using fission to split into good and evil halves. We are first introduced to him at the very beginning of his martial arts journey, so this is the weakest form of Goku. It works for both Super and Extreme Types. Goten& Kid Trunks are one of the more difficult heroes to play. It’s the same with Gohan’s full potential at 5 being anywhere from 200K-1mil and Kid Goku’s full potential being 260 If they were Gohan’s age, Vegeta would say the same thing about them too. KID GOKU DOKKAN FESTIVAL BANNER SUMMONS! Aug 28, 2019 #10,261 Got LR trunks and LR Bardock out … 1374. Decided to do another multi becausd why not right? Mfking Rosé!! E. INT: SSR: Dokkan Awaken "Proud Royalty" King Vegeta: No. Goten& Kid Trunks may fuse into Gotenks at level 25. Int kid buu Int #13 Int ssb vegeta dupe Teq beerus dupe x2 Str ss2 gohan dupe Family goten dupe Ssbkk dupe Phy spirit bomb base goku Good stuff, good stuff. Granted, his Saiyan biology gives him a natural talent in combat as well as boosts in power occurring after surviving brushes with death. 22 "Strongest Clan of Roots" Chilled: INT: SR: Respective Strike: Yes. View all Buutenks Goku and Vegeta (angel) Kefla Vegito LR (TEQ) Gogeta LR (PHY) Beerus (PHY) Majin Vegeta Goku SSJ2 (Angel) Fused C-13 Bardock Coora (STR) Future Gohan (INT) Piccolo SSB (kaioken) Goku (STR) Zamasu (AGL) Future trunks (TEC) Goku (namek saga) Gohan SSJ2 LR Cell LR Vegeta SSJ4 (STR) Goku SSJ4 (AGL) Kid Goku Gohan and Goten LR Goku black (INT) Metal … 1072. I thought I’d start with this quote, because it’s my absolute favorite quote of all time. The two LRs I had were Majin Vegeta and INT Gohan ... first dupe of each :(I'm still missing so much LR, of course I got dupes. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle:100% POTENTIAL SYSTEM NEW WORLD TOURNAMENT REWARD WINTER COAT TEQ GOKU (YOUTH) SHOWCASE WITH LEVEL 10 LINK SKILLS[Super TEQ] [Goku (Youth)] [First Time seeing snow][孫悟空 (少年期)] [初めて見た雪景色] Leader Skill: TEQ Type Ki +3 and HP, ATK & DEF +50%Super Attack: Raises ATK for 1 turn and causes supreme … 40. Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle (Global IOS) THE PRICE IS 170$ RANK 378 - More than 500 days playing (GLB IOS) 303 DS & 21 ELDER KAI LEFT!!!!! 1/80: ATK + 25% for all Types: Kamehameha - Causes extreme damage to enemy Details: A Good Run - ATK +70% when there are 3 or more enemies: All in the Family - DEF +15% Turtle School - ATK & DEF +10% Kamehameha - ATK +5% when performing a Super Attack The Incredible Adventure - Ki +2 Guidance of the Dragon Balls - ATK +20%: Max. Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is a free-to-play mobile game based on the Dragon Ball franchise. Counterattacks and Active Skill can be Critical Hits from the Hidden Potential Ultimate Damage Multiplier is 600% Original Renders found HERE and HERE This Unit is fully created by User:TheRealDavon This Unit is meant for the April Fools Competition ↑ Avenger. Uub can't be > SSJ3 Kid Goku seeing as how he is leagues above Kid Buu. zooj. Replaces the sound played when the player dies with the Game Over SFX featured in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle. Future Trunks honestly proved he’s better than Gohan too Gordo solos, Mar 3, 2020. They are cheeky, it’s not illegal what are they doing because Gohan is it’s own card but to reach his full potential you need three fucking different cards. 1765. Juub. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle. 24 "Reborn for Revenge" Mecha-Frieza: INT: SR: Respective Strike: Yes. With the death of Cell-X and Chronoa using her abilities to ensure the changes that the Bio-Android made weren't undone as it would cause more damages than repair the timeline - the so-called original timeline was pushed into a Parallel Timeline. my first addon, yea? Hidden Potential. Over the course of Dragon Ball Z, Gohan is trained by Piccolo, Goku, and the Kais so that he might tap into his seemingly limitless potential. Majuub >>> SSJ3 Kid Goku >> … View all Vegito SSJ4 Xeno Gotenks transforming (INT) Buutenks buu transforming (TEC) Goku and Vegeta (angel) Kefla Vegito LR (TEQ) Gogeta LR (PHY) Beerus (PHY) Majin Vegeta Goku SSJ2 (Angel) Fused C-13 Coora (STR) Bardock Future Gohan (INT) Piccolo SSB (kaioken) Goku (STR) Zamasu (AGL) Future trunks (TEC) Goku (namek saga) Gohan SSJ2 LR Cell LR Vegeta SSJ4 (STR) Goku SSJ4 (AGL) Kid Goku … 2450 STONES SUMMON! (yes, actual magic water this time.) 23 "Cruel Invader" Chilled* E. INT: SSR: Dokkan Awaken "Strongest Clan of Roots" Chilled: No. They are automatically assigned to Player 4 (Purple).